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Run your car on WATER? scams, bams, ma'ams

i see an ad on the web that says:

run your car on water.

just thought i’d ask if this is flapdoodle, before i seriously investigate a way to beat the $4 a gallon that’s staring me in the face.

anyone seen this ad? here’s the url:


no comment.

flapdoodle. ??

what do YOU think?

Why don’t you try it and let us know?

Act now! They lowered they’re regular price of $297 to a special $49.97! And they guarantee you will save $110/month in fuel costs. It’s scientifically proven! How can you go wrong?! (The ad tells you everything except the name of the company, where it is located, and how to apply for your refund. Other than that everything looks good.)

I say go away,we just had this issue with hybrid chick,then my techs a butcher. so im out…KING ME!

THIS IS B’S leave.NOW PLEASE,no more crap. we’re tired

Don’t EVER do that again!

Your link is a trap, and it’s total BS.

I hope the internet gods descend upon you with all their wrath.

If anyone is tempted to click on the link provided, I say, “DON’T DO IT.”


hey!! it’s not MY link, it’s theirs! i supposed it was a trap, jus wanna mek sure.
i prance upon the haids of th’ internet deities; 's why i ast the forum (eee-rr, rather, ‘created’ this particular one), i’d never, ne-vehr open such a tinny can uh wermz, without runninit by smart genitalmen first. i’m too stooooopud.

i;m so stoopih’d i replied to you in the postbox for the following respondent, named mmsamma. anyway, sorry to raise such a ruckus.
my bad. duh!