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Run your car on water

My father was at the Red Sox web site and saw an ad for “run your car on water.” We went to the website which offers a $50/90 page instruction book explaining how to convert cars to use the engine to turn water into hydrogen to supplement gasoline in running the car. I think it’s too good to be true, since you didn’t mention it on the NOVA special. What do you think? The sale price ends tomorrow (4/30).

I urge you to purchase this immediately, and then to report back to us on the results–but only if you have money to burn and are exceptionally gullible.

The expression, “Caveat Emptor”, comes to mind, as does Barnum’s favorite saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Do you really want to be one of those suckers?

yup… it’s too good to be true. sorry. you don’t get something for nothing.

use the search button up top and look for this on this web site. the typical (and your name does NOT seem typical) person posting this item seems to be a salesperson, looking for free advertising space, to shill this product.

Save $10. Send me $40 and I’ll give you a 1 page brouchure that will show you how it works.

Sneak preview:

Burn water?  Are you nuts?

What? You won’t send me $40? How are you going to solve the energy crisis if you keep listening to reason?

The ad was placed there by a Yankees fan in retaliation for the jinxed jersey attempt. If Bosox fans are gullible enough to believe in curses, surely they’ll cough up their $50 for a bogus fuel swindle.

They already purchased this kit on Mythbusters for one of their episodes. Not surprisingly it did nothing.

I am continually shocked that anyone thinks that such a simple fix to a problem that the world spends billions to solve can be readily had for $50 and is offered through small ads on the Internet and magazines.

but the flashing colors told me it was true! I won the lotto, my mortgage reduced and this fuel thingy gizmo too, just by clicking the flashing colors link. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m still waiting to hear back from the prince’s lawyer as to when he’s gonna transfer my $10,000,000 to the bank account I gave him.