Too Good To Be True?

I recently received an e-mail with a link to a Fox News segment on a guy who has devised a way to run his car (began with modifying a welding torch) on water! He converted his Ford Escort & said he drove 100 miles on 4 oz of water.

Has anyone ever heard of this? If true, (I checked snopes & there’s nothing on it) what are the odds of it ever seeing the light of day?


PLEASE read the other posts on “brown hydrogen”, or “run car on water” on this, or the next page.

then, go buy a lottery ticket. (that way you might get lucky and have some cash.

It’s a matter of energy conversion. Sure, you can recombine hydrogen and oxygen in the combustion chambers; but, the energy to separate the oxygen and hydrogen is far greater than the energy regained during the recombining. Do you think that that would be worth the effort?

There’s no end to the scams and BS is there. The guy did not drive his Escort 1 inch on 4 ounces of water, much less a 100 miles. TV should not spend one second reporting anything like this.

He indeed drove 100 miles on 4 oz of water. He drank the water. His Escort used 3.5 gallons of gasoline. The Fox News reporter played along. What else do you want to know?

You can look this stuff up on line just by the subject. It is being done and the conversion kits are expensive and there are no warrantees. Also, there are few mechanics willing to take on the project for customers (wonder why) so it’s good if you’re going to do this you have the tools and at least a modicum of mechanical aptitude in re to car engines. I kind of like the normal internal combustion engine, though, and if the oil companies would quit putting ethanol into gasoline, every car’s mpg would increase. But then, oil companies profits would drop because increased mpg means lower fuel consumption per mile, so why would they want to start selling straight gasoline? The reason ethanol lowers mpg is because ethanol burning produces less energy than petroleum fuels. Some scam, huh?

Here’s another good reason to stop watching Faux News.

If it were possible to operate an internal combustion engine on water, every auto manufacturer on the planet would be building such engines TODAY. They employ well-educated engineers, you know.

“Modified welding torch!” I love it!

“Fox News” is an oxymoron.

there’s a lot of “brown hydrogen” running around in these mileage enhancer ads.

I understand that the Truth in Advertising statutes are going to be enforced so that the name of the network is rightfully changed to RMRWDN (The Rupert Murdoch Right-Wing Disinformation Network).

Seriously, it is unfortunate that news organizations (not just fox) do not understand enough basic science to weed out this nonsense. Once it makes it onto the air, plenty of folks are going to believe it. All this noise does not help the public’s understanding of the real energy issues that have to be addressed.

I’ve been having to watch this at work, since they decided Headline News channel wasn’t good enough for us(I do miss watching Nancy Grace when I was lunch break on 2nd shift). Those guys are the epitome of “If there isn’t any news, make it up” ideal. I mean, youtube video of the day? come on

You did not watch or listen carefully. The escort was a “hybrid” gas hydrogen engine. He may have created and used 4 oz of hydrogen and used it on the trip, but he also burned gasoline, probably more gas than if he wasn’t producing the hydrogen.

Hydrogen can be used for welding and as fuel. It has been used to power rockets. It will no doubt be the fuel of the future, but it takes more energy to make it that it returns, at least with todays technology. The first wholesale production of hydrogen as a fuel will be from the off peak hours of a nuclear power plant or maybe even wind farms, but that won’t be until the capacity of both exceed the off peak demand. Right now it doesn’t.

It’s not a matter of them understanding the science or not…It’s a matter of them making money by selling advertising. There are THOUSANDS of BOGUS products advertised every day on every single tv station and radion station I’ve ever listened to.

Holy cow! This guy must have perfected cold fusion and installed the reactor in an Escort!