Hydro-4000 is this for real or am I being a chump?

one night as I was half asleep during the 11:00 o-clock news the news station was reporting on a new product to increase gas mileage.The news station tested the product for themselves and found that it actually worked.So first of all,why is this not big news? The product claims to raise mileage by 30%.There is a web-site hydro4000.com and of course lots of testimonials from there customers.

What gets me going over this is during my childhood I remember my father dribbling water in a carburetor to clean the valves.

After some spuddering the motor would race.

He told me this was happening because of the hydrogen in the water.

A big part of the mad scientist in me wants to spend the 1200 bucks for the contraption.

Has anyone out there heard of this thing?

Can someone please talk me down before I get hurt or am I on the rite track?


This is merely another run-your-car-on water scam. We’ve seen too many lately. It’s sickening – so many gullible marks, so many scam artists wishing to cash in. And your channel 5 reporter, Jamie Holmes, really should know better. Maybe he was under orders from above.

If a new miracle invention really worked – think mp3 or GPS – we’d all quickly know about it and it would became standard equipment on most factory-built vehicles. This Hydro-4000 baloney will hoodwink many poor souls and soon quietly fade away.

It’s another scam and when sales from suckers drop off to a certain point the hydro4000 will fade away, be replaced by the hydro5000, and the scam will be perpetuated until hydro6000 or a new catchy name comes along.

As to those stories appearing on local TV stations, my firm opinion is that the companies behind these bogus products are paying the stations a fee to do a “news story” on these items and this applies to many other things besides automotive items.
Matter of fact, I’ve even emailed several local stations in the past and asked them if they received any compensation or any type of remuneration in return for doing some suspicious stories and so far, they ain’t talkin’.

It’s not a “news story” so much as an infomercial painted up to look like news. Even the local print newspapers do this with certain car ads. It’s dressed up to look like an item off the AP or Reuters and in very tiny print somewhere it will state “Paid Advertisement”.

Yes I agree it’s a scam.
But even if it was not a scam (It is) at 30% gas savings you would take years to break even on your $1200 dollar investment.

If it’s so effective, why haven’t the auto manufacturer’s picked up on it? They could buy the patent rights, if they exist, and make significant gains in sales. But it doesn’t work. Well, I guess that I should say that I’m so skeptical that I won’t try it myself.

Not only is it a scam, but I think “nehpets” is a scammer/spammer. This is the only post he has ever made on this board.

Yes it is a scam. These kind of claims really put me in a bad mood. You were smart enough to doubt a claim that seemed to go to be true. Good job