Water on my floor

i have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee I am getting water on my passeger side floor board it’s wter because I can’t smell anti freeze when I don’t use my air conditioner it stays dry. can you help me ?

The water is overflow from your air conditioner’s condensate coming from the evaporator. Unfortunately the JGC has a rather poor design for the drain. It is difficult if not impossible to see the downhill end of the drain because it drains into the frame rail. Go figure. I got some relief for one my wife used to drive by taking it loose at the top and running a wire down thru it.

Warning: Using a wire can damage the hose making things worse. String trimmer wire is a lot safer. Compressed air is also often used, but don’t use too much pressure or you could cause problems.

In either case I suspect the MG is correct about the problem.

I like that suggestion Joe. I had not thought of that. Of course it’s plastic, not wire.

Can you get to this by clicking? If not, you may want to join the Jeep Forum so that you can see it in a search.


It even has a picture. This is how I fixed it. It took me a bit to find the post on this Jeep forum.