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Wet Floor?

My 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 has a wet floor on the passenger side. I vacuumed a pint up last night and another pint this morning. It’s definitely water and I don’t smell coolant.

Could this be from the air conditioner? But then how could there be other pint this morning when the car was off all night?

It has not rained here in a week.

I’m totally baffled.


This is a problem common to all cars, especially in hot weather. You are correct in your guess that the water is due to the A/C. You have a clogged A/C drain.

If you can find the outlet yourself, somewhere under the hood, you can try clearing it yourself by poking it with a stiff wire. Else bring it to the shop where they will clear it in seconds with compressed air (and charge you 1 hrs’ labor).

The water is probably from the condensate drain tube for the AC being plugged. Usually there’s a rubber hose/tube on the engine side of the firewall pointing to the ground where this water is supposed to drain. If that drain is plugged the water ends up on the floor.

You can use compressed air to blow the drain out, or poke a piece of string trimmer line up the drain to clear it. Oh! And don’t be looking up into the drain when doing this. Or you could end up with a face full of water.


“…you can try clearing it yourself by poking it with a stiff wire.”

I would recommend some string trimmer line or a little" compressed air.

A wire can poke a hole in the drain line or worse a refrigerant line. Too much compressed air could pop the drain hose off somewhere that it would be very difficult to re-connect.

I would say that is your heator core it goes through the firewall on passenger side
pain in the a** have fun with that one if you dont need your heator you could just find the hoses under hood and loop them one into the other that will stop the water but you loose defrost and heat