Water on the floorboard

Water is gathering in the passenger floorboard of my 1999 Chevy Tracker, when the air conditioning is running. It does not appear to be the heater coil either. But when my mechanic let it sit idling with the air conditioner on, it did not leak. He could find no water coming from anywhere. I ran the air conditioning on the way home. Sure enough, the carpet was damp when I got home from the shop. Can someone help me solve this?


YOu have to find the drain from the AC evaporator case. It is probably clogged. Use some string trimmer line to unclog it. Water is probably collecting sloshing around as you drive and reaching some space that allows it to spill into the cabin.

Thanks for responding. I should have mentioned we blew the drain hose clear, before this. Is it possible the hose could just have a hole in it?

Maybe you blew the hose off its connector.