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AC leaking into the floor board

I have a 2005 Envoy. The AC seems to be leaking water into the passenger-side floor board. I say that it “seems to be” because it only leaks when I run the AC. Last week, I ran it everyday and had a real puddle. It dried over the weekend.

It’s my guess that the condensation line is plugged. I am slightly handier than my husband and would love to avoid an expensive trip to the dealership.

I am not experiencing any other performance issues at this time. I watch my oil and temp gauges carefully and haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Any advice would help. Thanks!

Once you locate the condensate drain, you can either blow it out with compressed air or snake some flexible “Weed Wacker” plastic line through it to clear the blockage. This problem is more common that you would suspect, based on the 3 or 4 per week posted on this forum.

The condensate drain should be very close to the firewall, in front of the passenger footwell area.

I found it! Weed Wacker string worked as described. We got a big gush of water. Thanks!

same problem with 98 dodge ram 1500 pickup. have taken it to two dealers and 2 independant shops. nobody can show me the drain hole. getting tired of having to wring out the towels i keep on the floorboard. where is the drain hole so i can unplug it? thanks

Can’t speak for a 98 Dodge Ram, but the GMC Envoy drain was toward the rear of the engine, on the passenger side, 8-10 inches from the front passenger door. Good luck