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Water getting in front mats wet

I have a 2003 toyota tacoma p/u truck and when it rains water is getting and my floor mats are getting wet .Does anyone know how its getting in and how to fix?

Do you have a sunroof? that is the most common place to start looking.

Water can find its way into the front floor through any of several routes. If the truck spends much time under the trees leaves can sift through the HVAC vent slots in the windshield cowl and cause rust and also plug the drain. The rubber that wraps around the doors and around the door opening can become out of shape and shift, resulting in water being funneled into the cab instead of out to the side. If the windshield is not securely glued into place or if the ledge under the windshield is rusted water can enter there, And, if your weather is warm and humid the condensate drain may be plugged and condensation from the AC may be the source of the water. But of course, you did mention leaking when it rains…

If you do park outside under trees, follow Rod’s suggestion about the windshield cowl - the metal or plastic grille like body panel between the hood and the windshield. Remove that so you can muck out the leaf debris, then find the downspout(s) which direct the collected water to the underside of the car. Chances are that these are at least partly clogged with debris. If you have a compressor, rig some sort of tube onto a standard blow gun and blow the junk out of the tubes. I was able to buy a fitting that attached to my blow gun from a hardware store, and was able to fasten that to a bit of narrow clear tubing - total cost less than $3. If the downtubes were clear, then your problem is one of the other things Rod mentioned.