Water Leak

I own a 2002 Toyota Tacoma that seems to be leaking water on the drivers side floor. Our mechanic has looked at it and cannot find any holes and the door seals seem to be ok. Without spending an exhorbitant amount of money, is there a way we can find out where the water is coming from? Any help is appreciated.

Has anyone checked the HVAC drain tube? If the tube is clogged water can come in through the heat vents.

No, no one has done that. Thank you for the suggestion. At this point, we’re at a loss of what to do. I’ll let you know, if it works!

Are you sure it’s water and not coolant?

I’m pretty sure it’s not coolant because it froze.

Do you have a sunroof? Then tend to leak a lot and one leaking on the front driver’s side could be mistaken for a door leak.

Sunroof leaks are usually a blocked drain. They have a drain at each corner. They don’t rely on sealing the roof.

No, there’s not a sunroof. I really appreciate all the help I’m getting, though. Thank you!