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Water at my feet

After recent rainstorms, and a carwash, with some delay, a puddle starts forming at my feet – water seems under the floorboard, most concentrated to left (by door) and closest to seat. No water on side of door, ceiling, seat, etc. Seems to come from below.

Where’s it coming from? Somewhere up top, or by wipers, and slowly winds its way down? Conceivably comes in from bottom?

The most likely source is the ventilation system. There is a drain hose in the ventilation system, but if the hose is clogged with dirt and debris (a common problem) any water that gets into the system will end up on the floor instead of on the road.

The drain tube is usually located on the firewall, low on the passenger side. You will probably have to raise the vehicle to see/reach it.

Other possibilities are clogged sunroof drain tubes, leaking windshield, clogged door drains, or leaking door weather seal.

Belated thanks! My car’s now back at the dealer/service center. I have them a printout of your suggestions and they’ve now checked them all plus others. Still no hint of where the water is coming in. They say they checked the a/c system, windshield for leaks and for draining down the front, there is no soon roof, they checked door seals, drains, … They blasted with water and couldn’t find where a drop was coming in.

Still, after each significant rain, or after it went through their car wash last week when in for other work, I get – with a delay of an hour or half a day, a growing accumulation under my driving feet area, which if the storm was bigger continues to get deeper as time passes, for a good 24 hours, definitely suggesting that water is coming in somewhere else and slowly making its way to the low point.

Any further thoughts???

Thank you!

sometimes water can get in between the fender and the wheel well lining. Then after a few years it will rust its way through a small hole to the cab, and drain onto the floor boards. If the felt or rubber side window seals leak, and the drain holes in the door are clogged up, water will accumulate in there with the same results.