Toyota Tacoma, 2002, quad cab, limited

About 2 years ago my truck started getting water in the passengers side floorboards. I had a mechanic look at it and they couldn’t find anything. Suggested getting the windshield resealed. I had that done. The truck was parked for about 9 months then driven for a month and parked for another 6 months. It’s mechanically a great truck but still having the wet floorboards now not just in the front but also in the back on the passengers side. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Have you tried spraying water in various spots against the truck to find the leak? If you don’t look for the leak, you won’t find the leak.

If it was dry for 9 months and only got wet when driven… I can’t tell from your description… then suspect that a floor seam may have opened up and water is entering from the tire’s splash. Or maybe the AC drain is plugged and the condensate water is leaking into the cab… you don’t tell us anything about that either.

So start spraying and good luck.

Yes mechanic did the spray thing. couldn’t find anything. Truck was parked in Anchorage Alaska, I was in the artic circle so I couldn’t tell what was going on when it was parked. Just started driving it again in the last 6 weeks. It gets water in it when it rains, not all the the time. Thank you for your reply.

Might be the drain’s in the bottom of the door’s are stopped up.

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squeeze bottle with soapy water or even a sponge. Run car with cabin fan on higher speed while applying soapy water around windows and doors or anything attached to car. When huge amounts of bubbles appear, you will know something. It works if your leak is up there.

To follow up on @Renegade’s suggestion, any sloshing sounds when swinging the passenger door?

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