Water inside the car

Does anyone knows why the floor in the front of the car(driver and passanger seats ) is always wet underneat the carpet and mats? Any suggestions?

All potential leaks have laready been checked (tightly closed windows; windshield checked for leaks and proper position of AC drain hose)

Describe vehicle and mileage please.

Got sun roof? How about a clogged drain for the air intake in front of the window?

Sorry for the late response. I was out of the country.
Car is a Toyota Camry LE, 2001, 4 door, no sun roof. It has 80K miles and serviced regularly at R & H toyota

You say the AC drain hose is in the proper position, but is it clear and working? If the hose is clogged, it would explain your problem. Just because the hose is there doesn’t mean it’s draining anything.

How does fresh air get into the cabin? If it is through a cabin air filter, the air intake could be under the windshield. There may be a water diverter that is loose or a clog near the air intake. Check the cabin air filter to see if it or was wet.