Water and Pre-Ingnition Catalytic Converter to Save Gas

Does anyone know if you can increase gas mileage 50% or more when using these systems?

Nope. Pure scams.

Ask yourself this question:

If this “technology” really allowed a 50% increase in gas mileage, wouldn’t one of the major car companies have bought the patent rights in order to achieve a massive marketing advantage over their competitors?

Just imagine if Ford, or Toyota, or GM, or…“owned” this “technology”! That company would increase their sales volume by an incredible amount and they could also sell the rights to this technology to other manufacturers for a very high cost. The reason that this has not happened is because this “technology” exists only in the scheming minds of the charlatans who convince gullible people to buy their bogus product.

Save your money on crack-pot concepts like this and instead, use the money to maintain your car excellently. Great maintenance, coupled with very careful driving will yield the best results.

Man, I’d love 20 minutes alone in a room with a few of these spammers and a baseball bat!

There’s no motherf***ing way, they are a f***load of horse s***.

Come on, lprocter, don’t hold back! Let us know how you really feel!

I agree, it’s pure bovine end-product.