Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter


A lady co-worker recently attended a “seminar” regarding Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter, and she claimed to have even seen one that was installed in a 1-ton flat bed owned by the presenter who claimed he was getting between 40MPG to 50MPG after installing those gadgets.

At gas prices now, that caught her attention. She even brought the flyer to work, showed it to my boss, and with an installation box truck getting only 8~12 MPG, he is getting into the frenzy. The website is: http://www…index.htm.

There is a chart on there that boasts all kinds of improvement on a lot of vehicles, even diesel, and it claims to 1) Imrpove performace, 2) Increase gas mileage 3) reduce pollution 4) reduce oil change. The list goes on.

I am totally skeptical of it, but hey, maybe I am just not seeing the big picture, that perhaps you can get everything mentioned by investing $1500 (which will pay for itself after a year or less if it is really that great). I might have bought into it if the co-worker did not bring back with her conspiracy theory of how the government is trying to stop them due to pressure from oil companies and so on…

So the bottom line is, I am 90% sure that this is a hoax/pipe dream. What do you think?


So the bottom line is, I am 90% sure that this is a hoax/pipe dream. What do you think?

You can be 100% sure.


Send me your $1500 and I’ll send you a kit that really will improve your mileage. It’ll contain a tire pressure gage and a maintenance manual. And you’ll even get free of charge a set of spark plugs and an air filter!

It’s a hoax. We’ve done numerous threads on this.


100% Boooooogus.

I note a possible error in the figures.
Corolla, 23 to 60 mpg
Camry, 42 to 63.
A Corolla has a <2.0L engine and is a light car.
A Camry has either a 2.2, 2.4 or >3.0L engine and is a heavy car, not a hope in hell any of these will achieve >30mpg BEFORE.

Now, feeding Hydrogen into the intake from a H2/O generating electrolysis cell is not uncommon, however to call this a “Pre ignition Catalytic converter” is a bit like calling a common tea kettle a “Water Evaporation Device”

Here are some ideas I picked out of the internet.

So I’ll assume the H2 injection has some merit, but calling it a “Catalytic converter” is a bit much. Marketing interpretation so it looks better idea.


Since gambling is involved here I’ll see NYBo’s 100% and raise him another 100%. :slight_smile:
Of course it’s a hoax and the government conspiracy theory is always the standard modus operandi.

As the old saying goes, build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. A heavily puffed BS session at a seminar will not be required to sell the mousetraps.