Another False Mileage Claim?


I got an email about unheard of gas mileage with a pre engine catalytic converter. Here is the link for it.


This can’t be true?


pre engine catalytic converter.

This is nothing new. It has been around a while and is just coming back out now that the price of gas is up. Like all the others it is worthless. If you like do a search and you will see it has been debunked a number of times in the last few weeks.


“Our scientific testing has led us to believe that the PICC will increase the mileage of all personal vehicles to over 100 miles per gallon (city or highway).”

Thousands have tried it. Wishful thinking! Not a single driver has achieved improved results. Gudenteit, adjust your brain to make it good and tight.


Rather than wasting our time on this I suggest you either:

1: Use the forum’s search feature to read up on the extensive previous discussions.


2: Go buy it, install it, then report back to this discussion group with your findings.


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Richard Waters
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Wow, only contact info is for a rep, not the actual company. If they stood behind their product, wouldn’t they put the contact info for the actual company instead of a rep for it?


This product is what I like to call a ??? ??? ???, ??? ???.

You do know Russian, don’t you?


I think I know the French equivalent.


I see the appropriate amount of skepticism here. But I don’t see ANY scientific empirical rebuttal that this device will not work. Any takers out there? No, I’m no fool. But I can’t seem to find a single doubter who has first hand evidence that it WILL NOT work? Maybe that just means none of us are dumb enough [or smart enough?] to try it???


I doubt you WILL see anyone post here with first hand evidence either. Scientific or otherwise.




You nailed it, Amable! Nobody is dumb enough to fall for a patently bogus device, one whose claims, if true, would defy the known laws of physics.

Still skeptical? Think there may be a chance? Try it, let us know.

Then you can go through all of the HHO generators, fuel reformulators, and tailpipe filters that will double your gas mileage and save the environment while whistling Dixie. When you finish with all of them there will be yet another crop of miracle devices and ointments for either fools or optimists to declare, “This time for sure!”


The contact information for your representative is shown below:

Wings of Joy LLC
PO Box 1673
Fernley, NV 89408

if the company doesn’t want to put it’s own info on it’s own website, it’s a definite SCAM


Why do people believe it is Car Talks responsibility to prove or disprove these devices? You have been given a answer,thats more than you deserve.