Wanted: Right on Red Bumper Sticker Slogan


Would you support the installation of a passenger-side battering ram.


I must have missed this one from 2013. Forgive me for not reading all 76 responses before spouting off. I would never honk at someone not making a right turn and I would get a little irritated, but still it is “right turn permitted after stop”, not mandatory. The OP can just go to a print shop and get whatever kind of bumper sticker he/she wants printed. Might want to just get 1000 printed since its cheaper that way. Then they can be handed out to like minded people. Maybe 1000 is too many. Maybe 10 or 20 is all. The positive part of having that on your rear end is that it’ll distract people trying to read it instead of honking.


And the States do nothing in the way of ongoing driver education and public service announcements. The State, which issues the driver’s license, is not free of responsibility here.


The irony is…amazing.

May I suggest that you might want to cut back a bit on the caffeine?


Don’t do that. People carry guns. Really. Not worth getting injured or dying over, or going to jail. Not nice there, as I understand it. (However, it works great as a fantasy).


I’ve lived in a number of States and I’ve never once seen it ok to turn on a red arrow. Red means stop.


@cdaquila - Carolyn, what is going on here?


Well the “state” provides you with the driver handbook, makes statutes available on line so you can read them without going to the library or buying them. Plus before any law is changed they are advertised int he register for all to read the changes. Who was it that said ignorance to the law is no excuse? With the thousands of laws passed every year though that might not apply anymore. Still you have to be a rock if you don’t know you can make a right turn on red unless there is a sign prohibiting it.


Could you be more condescending and ignorant of what the OP is saying. Apparently not.


Surely, nothing of a good nature, and as you stated earlier, this is a prime example of the wisdom of locking old threads.



All 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico have allowed right turns on red since 1978, except where prohibited by a sign or where right turns are controlled by dedicated traffic lights. (In June 1978, Maryland became the last state to allow right turns on red.


I wish I had replied to this back in 2013 so @Whereisthebus could be yelling at me from out of nowhere too…

As i tell those that I have hand in helping learn to drive: Do not let someone else control your driving. Whether in your car or outside influence, you have to be in control of your own vehicle. Don’t let someone else influence when you feel comfortable to move.
This is also why we start out on side streets and empty parking lots- so the comfort levels of just being behind the wheel can grow without traffic pressure.

Right on red? If legal and you are comfortable doing it- go for it. If not, stay put.


I haven’t pinned down @Whereisthebus’s writing style yet, but something tells me this user once had a different user name, is angry about something unrelated to this forum, and is displacing that anger here. These petty comments are an attempt to dredge up long settled disagreements.

I’m betting @Whereisthebus is the new user name of someone who used to go by the name @Cars_Cause_Cancer, or was it something similar?

@cdaquila, will you please consider closing this thread before it gets ugly?


Love to watch conspiracy theories, waiting with a gleaming scimitar clutched tightly in my yellow teeth (4th tower of inverness reference)


like I said I didn’t read all 76 responses so I didn’t see the steam coming out of wheresthebus’s ears before hand, but he/she is still around and posted just two hours ago. Lighten up everyone. I know it was just tax time and everything but still tempers are a little short.

Now getting back to the original, can you really imagine sitting behind a guy refusing to turn right with a bumper sticker that tells you to stick it, he doesn’t have to turn?


I don’t understand why such a driver wouldn’t want to turn and go. If it’s safe and legal to turn, why would anyone want to sit there twiddling their thumbs? Of course, if it’s not safe or legal to make the turn, that’s a different story entirely, but would someone like to explain the benefit of sitting there letting your car idle when you don’t have to? Other than wasting fuel, I don’t see what is being accomplished.


Jeez, I come home and take a nap and wake up to see this. Easy, there, @Whereisthebus. People are happy to talk with you, but please don’t insult them personally because you disagree. You’ve been posting here on and off for a few years and it hasn’t always been like tossing napalm at people, so I’m not writing this off right away as trolling…but I will close it if you don’t cool down. Thanks.


Sorry. We get a little carried away without supervision. Thanks for finally putting that other one out of its misery.


Although responding to an OPs question concerning diagnosis/repair advise after 5 years could probably be useless a subject like safety is ongoing and should be perpetual.


Anarchy? Do you even know what that means? Seems not. Because what we’re talking about is a LAW that allows one to turn on red. Not one poster made statements or even an inference of turning in spite of dangerous situations. That’s just your distorted view of it and how you got to that point is very curious indeed…If anyone should turn in their license, it’s the rabidly emotional people who can’t seem to contain themselves around here…wink wink.