Wanted: Right on Red Bumper Sticker Slogan


Although I do come to a full stop (very briefly) before making a right on red, I make sure that I don’t slam the brakes on suddenly, as almost nobody actually expects you to obey the law by stopping before turning.


Lot of people are not turning right on red anymore. Instead they take the opportunity to text.


I remember an old collection of drivers accident reports on the internet. My favorite was: “As the light turned red the car ahead of me unexpectedly stopped”.


Along with failing to proceed when lights turn green.


Not related, but a favorite, “If you don’t like my driving stay off the sidewalk!”


Just yesterday, my middle son, now 13 , was asking about right on red. He’s extremely interested in driving now that he’s taller than his 16 year old sister.
the entire ten minute drive home from his Civil Air Patrol meeting was spent with an oratory on why it should work right, the right way to do it , the wrong way to do it, why School busses don’t, and the rarely talked about fact that you are not required to do so.
That fact was followed by why my wife will not right on red with her blind right eye making for poor depth perception. She just calmly waits. . .and yes , she’s often met the irate next in line who feels she should.
So I reiterated to him what I had stressed to his sister when she was learning.

‘’ When in doubt ? . .DON’T ! ‘’

Whether it be pulling out into same direction traffic, across traffic to go the other way, changing lanes, guessing if the yellow light is long enough, etc.


What’s your hurry? If you’re important enough, people will wait.


Reminds me of a bad joke, guy took a job as a wal mart greeter, showed up late every day. Manager said what would they say if you showed u late at your old job?

General would you like a cup of coffee?


We can also turn left or right on a red arrow. unfortunately 90% of our idiots on wheels are ignorant of these and most other traffic laws.


So that’s your take on it. Forget the laws, sensible and safe driving - you are a road anarchist. Drive the way “the driving public expects?” The old adage - if everyone jumps off a cliff, you should, too. I ask with all seriousness, what is the thrill you get from the road anarchy.


Planning to purchase a bumper sticker that says exactly that is what led me to this page.


You mock good drivers? The brothers wouldn’t. Haven’t you been listening.


School buses here turn right on red, even at a very bad intersection coming down a hill, and the drivers do not even stop before proceeding. The school district doesn’t care. You gave good advice.


What the heck is wrong with being on the timid side, which, by the way, I got no hint of. Is being “timid” like being the kid that’s “too smart” in school?


Man. “Surrender your license.” Man. A red light means stop. The key here is that there is no excuse for running right on read when it is not safe to do so.


And another example of the wisdom of closing old threads.


David is 100% wrong. No one needs an excuse for choosing not to turn right on red. I wish they’d abolish the law so that idiots don’t continue to take advantage and drive like idiots.


There is NEVER an excuse for making a right turn (or a left turn, for that matter) while reading.


Leaving the forum.


Most red lights last only seconds. Unless you are in an emergency situation, you an wait. Geezus what fecking idiocy.