Police Departments on Delmarva urging drivers to stop at red lights

This is a legitimate news article. Drivers in Delaware seem to be pretty bad when it comes to distracted driving, running a red (when it just turns red) unsafe lane changes and other mayhem. There are several red light cameras in the Dover area, but I see a lot of cars with temp tags that are long expired. I doubt they have a current address attached to it and probably no insurance.

Sounds like the Police need to learn how to do their job and start writing tickets…


Not uncommon here to see cars clearly having out of state plates, driven on the local roads, parked in driveways, even parked overnight right on the street, same cars for years. I presume it isn’t an enforcement priority.

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For years I’ve seen drivers sped up when the light turns yellow. I live in Central Maryland. Occasionally that might make sense. We have roads where the speed limit is 45 or 50 mph with traffic lights. It’s sometimes difficult to know when to brake and when to go through a yellow light. My general rule is if I think a panic stop is needed to stop for the red light, I’ll drive through.

Georgetown DE is doing just that according to the article.

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Frustrated nonsense. US incarcerates 3-10 TIMES as many people as any European country. More even than Russia. No shortage of ‘perps’ ending up in jail.


I stop at all red lights. But here in New England it can be frustrating since most of the lights are timed, and you end up being the ONLY car stopped in all directions for the cycle. One light near me isn’t working properly (hasn’t been for years - multiple complaints to the police). If you are heading east at the stop light and no one comes along from the perpendicular road in either direction - your light will NEVER EVER turn green. The sensor is waiting for a car to go through the green light so it can switch. Very frustrating.

That’s what I thought. Pitch black, no one around. We waited and waited for the light to change so I finally proceeded. Red lights flashing. I blamed it on my girl friend like a coward who was from the area. He let me go. We were just kids. Life in 1968. It was an expensive dinner too.

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.


…unlike the comment I was responding to?

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Actually it was Bing, not Bobo.

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Actually Bing probably should remove his post ( I did not flag ) but the image that Mr. Bobo posted also needs to go away .

Red is the new yellow! Sometimes red means go!

As a matter of fact, the meme I posted is historically accurate. If you have a problem with it, you have a problem with American history.

Pairing it with an LA county sheriff’s badge was incorrect, wasn’t it? And police have existed for centuries prior to the Carolina colonies. So not appropriate for a car discussion.

Still waiting on cleanup by @cdaquila or others.


Thanks for asking. No, it is very relevant. Thank you for your help bringing this full circle back around to traffic stops.

On other continents, yes, there were police, but not in North America.

Again, I appreciate your questions. You’re helping me keep this on topic and factual.

It amazes me how people interpret a yellow traffic light as to speed up before the red light comes on when the book clearly states a yellow traffic light means to slow down and prepare to stop.

I have people traveling behind me yelling or getting mad at me when I begin to slow down as the yellow light comes on. Like today, a lady behind me had her hands on her steering wheels flashing up and down in frustration because she didn’t want to wait for the red light.

Also today while backing out of a parking lot, a lady in a black Mazda SUV approached from the passenger side of my car. Instead of giving me enough space to back out, she drove all the way down to my car, and I needed to go in the direction she approached from. When I drove forward in her direction, she cursed me out — said all the colorful words she could think of.

Driving can be so stressful because of these people.

Turns red is the new yellow!

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The late/great comedian George Carlin has a very funny routine about how much stress he feels when driving, and why ( e.g. Audi drivers …lol … ). His 1988 “What Am I Doing in New Jersey?” HBO special contains most of that routine.

Pretty common for me to have the same problem when backing out. I’m especially careful when backing out b/c school kids may be walking down the sidewalk and not paying att’n. But that means I back out very slowly, and often get honked at by discourteous drivers to speed up and g et out of their way. Just goes with the territory I guess. It’s ironic b/c the drivers doing the honking are probably the parents of the very kids whose safety I’m concerned about protecting.

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Exactly, and adults, too — a lot of times an adult would see a car backing out of a parking lot and still walk in the direction of the car. They do this because they have the right of way “ on foot “

Courtesy is uncommon these days.

My car has a backup camera and I still back out slowly just in case of the scenario you mentioned.

Yes people in parking lots seem to have no idea what backup lights are.

Also, loading zones are for loading not to get you out of the rain.

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