...wanted...Porsche hood

…my man Stan is not a happy man =( …while toolin’ down the highway in his “Baby”…the backlash from a speeding semi blew the hood open…not only did it scare the bejeesus outta him…it crunched his favorite thing in the world…he bought her before he was drafted to Nam & couldn’t wait to get back to her…now she is waiting in the hospital garage for a hood transplant…alas…cannae seem to find the purrrfect fit…she is a Porsche late 1961-early 1962 356 B 1600 Super…I would dearly love to make his Yule a Merry one…anyone out there know where I may purchase/find such a thing ???..thanks for your time…=D

A seller on ebaymotors has one for sale. $2699. Shipping is free, though. Do a quick search and you may find others. I used Porsche 356 hood and came up with this result.

You’ll also want to ask around the Porsche forums, they’re experts at keeping them on the road, regardless of age. You might also check out Hemmings.

An EXPERT bodyman, a metalsmith, can repair YOUR hood for less than $2700…

But here it is…



Some other possibilities could be:

Oklahomaforeign.com They’re a foreign car salvage in the OK City area, are reputable, been around forever, and specialize in Porsches of all generations.

Another less likely as compared to the above might be Off Campus Motors in Norman, OK. The guy there has a back alley operation but is an old Porsche freak to the nth degree and has been for decades. I seem to remember him even owning a couple of 356s but I haven’t been there in many years.