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Loose Steering

I just drove a car I’m looking to buy and the steering wheel was pretty loose. Not jerky, just sloppy.

I can tell it needs an alignment, but what could I be looking at in order to tighten it up?

I’ve learned that front ends can get pricey pretty quick.


Year, Make, Model, mileage?

1995, Buick, LeSabre, 66k. Mint!

Why consider something that needs work on something that could be dangerous and expensive?

@volvo v70

Because I can get it for $2300. Even if I have to put five or six into it it’s a deal. Maybe I’ll get it for less knowing what it will cost.

Pull 10 Ben Franklins out of your pocket and if seller refuses, walk away.


I wish. Car prices are shite around Detroit.

" I can get it for $2300"

If it was in superb condition, it would be worth–at most–$2,000.
Since it obviously needs front-end work, I wouldn’t value it at more than…perhaps…$1,200.

Parts cars sell for $1,200.

If you saw my other posts about that old Regal I ruined…I got $580 for that.

Tell him you would like an inspection that you’ll pay for. That way you’ll know what’s needed and can bargain him down on repairs.

Personally, I’d run away from a 1995 GM anything. Many of these cars used a quasi-OBD-II system that used an OBD-II connector but OBD-I protocols and codes. Finding a code reader to pull codes was difficult 10 years ago. Now the car is 19 years old. And it has known and potentially unsafe problems? Take the $2800 plus the five or six extra and find a better ride. Trust us. $7800 to $8800 can buy a much better car.

I’d suggest waiting until next summer when the ice is off the bid pond. Then hop on the Ferry to Milwaukee and you can find those cars for just over $1000.
I’d even buy lunch.

PS; Bring big pistolla, many bandits.


I agree with @BustedKnuckles‌. It will need repair and I doubt the parts are going to be cheap unless you use used parts…19 year old used parts.

Well I would suspect the inner tie rod ends. My 86 Riviera was loose and it was the inner ones but it was cheaper to replace the whole steering rack for about $500 than repair it. Might be different now.

Eh, screw it. I’ll look for something else.

But really, I can’t find anything decent.

Take @Yosemite up on his offer. Sometimes you need to go out of area to find the gems. My latest project car I found 120 miles away in Alabama while visiting my SIL. I could never have found such a gem in or near Atlanta for the price I paid.


I live in Los Angeles, but I had to go well into Orange County to find a decent used car for my mom, that wasn’t abused and overpriced

Bought it from an older guy who took very good care of the car.

I dunno, I see the same prices for “good” older cars all over the state.

Sometimes over the border in Ohio they are a bit cheaper, but not really to justify the 200 mile hassle.

Maybe we all got stuck with the junk and the decent ones went to “Cash For Clunkers”

My first impression of that program was just that.
I always buy used, and right now have a 11 year old truck. Maybe I could afford to upgrade and get one only 8 years old, but many got crushed.


Ummmm, a 1995, Buick, LeSabre was BUILT with loose steering, IMHO…

$2300 is a bit high but the engine is Series II 3800 V6 and will run about 300,000 miles.