Pssst . . . You ! . . . Wanna build your own new 64 1/2 Ford Mustang convertible?

I thought this was interesting. New bodies, drivetrains, suspensions and brakes, electrical systems, and most interior and trim parts can be purchased new.

Do you think many folks will now be building these classics or restoring rusted out Mustangs that were too far gone ?

Looks kinda like what they did with the Camaro a few years ago. Just sucks they don’t have the 67 body style, that’s my favorite

It’s a great way to turn a 60’s Mustang into a modern car with updated suspension, engine, and transmission. It would be a resto-rod without destroying a vintage Mustang. It would also be very expensive, but the end result would be new and could run happily for decades.

Monetarily, it would be a losing deal to go this route and when all is said and done many thousands of dollars later do you really have a '65 Mustang if the only original part used is the frame, or part of a frame? Not in my opinion. You have an overpriced clone.

By the time the fenders, hood, and 15 grand for the shell is added in with painting you could easily be at 25 grand and another 25 grand for peripherals.

“By the time the fenders, hood, and 15 grand for the shell is added in with painting you could easily be at 25 grand and another 25 grand for peripherals.”

You could easily spend a lot more than that. I don’t think that a “spare parts Mustang” is for very many people. Someone would have to be willing to spend $75,000 to do it right; maybe more. It’s a Jay Leno kinda thing, IMO.

And there are people out there who would do it. It’s a little crazy…but for some it’s worth it. I know you can get many aftermarket parts for the Mustang and many other Classic cars of the 60’s and 70’s. Fenders, hoods, doors, trunks, floor-pans…all can be bought NEW. But this is different. If I had money to burn I wouldn’t mind taking on a project like this…but I don’t have that kind of money.

Cool. You can get the same thing for an E-type Jag, and for many other classics. There are even companies that sell an aesthetically exact replica with modern mechanicals. You can buy a copy of James Dean’s car, a 356 Porsche, an E-Type Jag, and countless others.

Here is a company that has the '68, too

And some of you disagreed when we said people “wear” their cars like clothing. As long as we accept that it’s natural to want to rekindle feelings from the past with an “old” pair of disco pants and a new/old Mustang (not quite the same era). After all, the new one is Fords statement, this could be yours. Go for it if you can afford it I say for anyone who wants. It’s just a motor guys response to make up and jewelry.

Yes, a fashion/hobby statement. I have no problem with somebody else doing it, but every time I think about getting an old (or new/old) Mustang, I look at the 2012 and forget about the old one. Better in every way (except memories).

Memories are the sole reason people build these things.