A little bondo should fix this up?

This guy has a little more work to do:

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I dunno but I think repairing that retaining wall might be kind of expensive too.

Yeah showing off. That reminded me of 1965. Oh never mind I don’t want to think about it.

The problem was he couldn’t see where he was going b/c of that pipe sticking out of the hood. Get out a hacksaw and cut that off, beat on the crinkled fender to straighten it out, pay up on the retaining wall, some duct tape, good to go. Maybe :wink:

With all the non-stock things done, can this really be “perfectly restored”? I always thought restored meant returned to original condition.


… in terms of growing up and acting like an adult.

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Needs to dial in a bit more RFTC (Right Foot Traction Control).

This is amazing…it wasn’t a Mustang!:smirk:

wonder if it had a new frame installed with the restomod project? or maybe it was an exterior refresh only

that blonde lady (wife, perhaps???) is not very happy with him… lol

From impressing the onlookers to looking like a squid; all in a few seconds.

I suspect that his wife (?) is probably still giving him grief to this day.

That’ll buff out.

Reminds me of this- “My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it”

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If you live in snow country through, you know how to turn the wheel in a skid to maintain control. Looked like he turned the wheel the wrong way. Lots of guys do this in Minnesota to show off but they know how to turn out of a skid and maintain control. Still was that his wife or his girl friend?

lol Well, it is the UK. They have to crash what they can get.

The GF didn’t make any points, laughing. (I’m sure the spectators got a few hidden chuckles, though.)

It was in the UK? I thought it looked a little English but then figured it was out east somewhere.

I assumed… Range Rover, followed by “Aww, Fawking 'ell”.

Has to be. English plates on the land-range-4wd-thing first out

Hee hee. Yeah good point. That’s why I’m not a lawyer. Don’t pay attention to details but I did watch it again. Did she tell him he was a F Off?

If a pedestrian had been on the sidewalk, they would now be at a funeral home getting prepped.

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