For those...hard to products

…I offer this website:,ec4O3

If you view all of the categories, I think you will agree that there is a lot chuckle-worthy stuff on display.

That’s pretty humorous stuff. I wonder if anyone has been gullible enough to believe it and contact the site about actually buying some of those faux products. :smile:

If it weren’t such a serious issue the shop that told the lady that her botched Subaru timing belt job was caused by a bad pothole could fit into the chuckle-worthy category; or hysterically laughable.

Have you tried the Engine Oil Bypass. What a concept. I’ll never have to change my oil again. And that left handed metric screw driver for when son works on his Mazda - what a great stocking stuffer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few people actually tried to order some of those high power add ons. Imagine all the power to be had by insulating the radiator.

How about the AWD drive conversion kit… :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where the Powerbands are installed? Is it on the car or the driver?

There’s gotta be a you tube video showing how to install them @jts. I’ll see if I can find it.

I love it!
Gotta get me some of that stuff.

I’m gonna start using the “710 cap” description from now on…

I'm gonna start using the "710 cap" description from now on.........

The 710 cap was a CarTalk puzzler some years ago.

Funny stuff for those in the know…

Looks like some of the old J.C.Whitney stuff!

Sign me up for a flux capacitor . . .

Finally I found blinker fluid but $18.95, are these guys a joke? I don’t think I ever paid over $5 :wink: Wonder if a half shaft is the same price as a full shaft!

@Barkydog I have found a way to slow down blinker fluid consumption. In moderate climates, connect a .05 MFD oil filled capacitor between the battery terminal and the ground of the blinker. In hof climates, you may want to go up to a .10 mfd capacitior and in extremely cold climates, use a,.01 mfd capacitor. Use an oil filled capacitor. Do not use a paper capacitor as the paper will become saturated with blinker fluid

@Triedaq luckily there is an electronic parts supply store near me, I assume min 12v on the capacitors?

Won’t the flux capacitor available on the web site work too?

Great site. Thanks VDC!