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"Good" truck for sale

Here’s another “good” one for you guys

What a deal. All you need are hood, both fenders, bumper, grille, headlamps . . . and an airbag, from the look of the steering wheel

If you look real close, it appears that the frame where the bumper would bolt up, might be tweaked. But it’s hard to tell

If this truck is so great, I wonder why the guy didn’t just head to the junkyard himself and get all that stuff. It doesn’t take much skill to transfer body parts. But if you need that many body parts, the junkyard is going to want some serious cash. A hood cost me $60 on half price weekend at pick a part . . . ! Beggars can’t be choosers, so you might have to settle for the wrong color. At which point you may need a paint job, if you care at all what the truck looks like. I have no idea what a used airbag goes for.

Perhaps the guy knows much more than he’s saying. That’s why his back is turned, in some of the pictures

The only way I’ll buy that truck for $2000 is if the cat comes with it . . . !

By the way, I’m not slamming craigslist . . . as some of you have suggested. I merely think this ad is humorous

I use Craigslist as a guilty pleasure. I look at the ads and is it amazing just how many of them are just crazy. One recently I saw was supposed to be a 2001 Mercedes that new may have been over $60000. The pictures showed a vehicle that looked showroom new and they wanted $1500.00

From what little we can see in the picture, it looks better then that brown “POS” it is parked next to. Everything is relative. The Leer cap ( if that is what it is) might be worth $500 to $750. So, I would put the total value at $950.90

Is that “The Club” on the steering wheel. What the heck for???

And I think he’s got his back turned because he’s peeing on the gate.



Speaking of that beater next to the truck . . .

Years ago, I wished I could have afforded to buy a used Camry like that

There’s still tons of those old Camrys driving around here. Probably because southern california is great for lack of rust. And those cars are apparently pretty reliable

I tried to sell an almost new heat pump on craigslist last year and the freaks came out of the woodwork trying to buy it. I pulled the ad after about a week. I recently tried to buy a used wood burning stove and the sellers were not any better. A few of the sellers were using the exact same picture trying to sell their stoves. After a little research…I discovered that they were trying to sell used for the price of a new one. I’m buying a new one and forgetting about craigslist.

What do you need a hood and fenders for? It never rains in Cali. It’s a hot rod Colorado!

It’s even worse than that . . . it’s “supposed” to be a Sonoma, precedessor to the Canyon and Colorado

I put it in parentheses because that’s not a complete vehicle in the picture


Another problem is, you add fenders and… you still have a 13 year old Sonoma with 120K on the clock and who even knows what other problems. At about 120K is where these vehicles are getting pretty close to being used up, IMHO, and this one doesn’t look as though it’s been treated gently.

“this one doesn’t look as though it’s been treated gently.”

That’s putting it mildly

It looks like the guy might have had a road rage incident

He got in an accident. Front clip was trashed. Truck may have salvage title now. Cali has 34M folk. Lots of people with varying degrees of skills. It might end up in Mexico, be fixed and back on the road in no time

“Front clip was trashed”

You should see the other guy . . .


You should see the OTHER car… :slight_smile: