VW Passat Front End Vibration

I recently I had the cv boots replaced on my 2006 VW Passat 2.0. Since then the front vibrates upon acceleration. I have taken the car to a different mechanic than the one who did the cv boots and he says there may be a broken motor mount. I am skeptical about this diagnosis but now am completely stumped. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Fever

Just the boots and not the driveshafts? This is a classic “bad shaft” symptom.

If you had the boots replaced, the old ones were probably cracked and let the grease out, which damaged the CV joints, now causing the vibration…

As insightful said, probably need new axles.

Agree, worn joint or bent shaft. Its normally cheaper to replace the whole axle assembly than mess with it. If the original shop just did the boot and didn’t discuss replacing the axle, think I’d go somewhere else.