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Volvo Vibes

I have a 2002 Volvo S60. FWD. It’s got 148,000 miles on it now. I bought the car with 64,000 on it and have taken VERY good care of it. I’ve developed a horrid vibration in the front end. Everywhere I go they tell me to get new tires. However, it only vibrates under acceleration, with no particular speed being a factor. If it were tires it would vibrate when I let off the gas, instead it’s glass smooth. The vibration will shake the dash, steering wheel and the gas pedal. Also, when I floor it in reverse (in a wide open empty parking lot) it has no vibration. Any ideas will be helpful.

“Everywhere I go they tell me to get new tires.”

How many places have told you this? And were they mechanics or tire shops? Be specific, please.

Has anyone checked the engine/transmision mounts?

I suppose that’s a good point. I’ve taken it to three of each. Three mechanics and three tire shops. The tire shops were first. As far as the motor/transmission mounts go, I haven’t had them visually inspected, however, I have placed the car in N and gone through the entire rev range to make sure it’s not a balance issue in the engine. Would the mounts make the vibe under acceleration ONLY?

Would the mounts make the vibe under acceleration ONLY?

It certainly could.

How many miles on those tyres? Are they all evenly worn? How worn are they?

The upper engine mount fails frequently on this car. It runs from the firewall to the top of the engine, so it is easy to check.

Oh, btw, I forgot to mention, if I’m in a right hand corner it doesn’t vibrate, however if straight or turning left it will.

Have the left front axle/CV joint checked.
If it is failing, replace both front axles/CV joints.

They were replaced when I did my axles. All the boots as well. I just had a quick look at the upper engine mount and it looks tip top shape. I really appreciate everyone chiming in by the way!

How long ago did you do the axles, and why? I would get the left front axle checked again, it certainly fits the symptom and not every rebuilt axle is done perfectly.

I replaced them back in Feb… The reason for this was from what I had read on various forums. Seemed to be the most likely answer. Everything felt good for about a mile afterwards but then it all came rushing back.

Yes, I strongly suspect that you have a defective CV joint in one of both of those axles. If the job was done in February, I would suggest taking the car back to the mechanic who did that job, as the work should still be warrantied at this point.