2006 VW Passat 2.0T Front End Vibration

I have a 2006 VW Passat 2.0T with around 60,600 miles on it. Recently I had the CV axles replaced. Since then the front end vibrates whenever I accelerate. I took it to back to the mechanic and he said the engine mounts needed replaced. I am very skeptical of this diagnosis but am now stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Also I had the tires balanced and rotated after the axles where replaced and the vibration is still there)

I’d say you got a bad axle or two. Ask your mechanic what happens if (when) the motor mounts don’t fix the problem. Does he warrant his work?

Agree, you got a bad axle when your mechanic replaced it. Now he doesn’t want to have to deal with the bad part he installed, so he’s looking for other excuses.

Bad motor mounts don’t make a front end vibrate on acceleration. Bad axles do. Make him put new one(s) in until the vibration goes away.

Make mine another vote for a bad axle. I liked insightful’s suggestion. I think he’s “blowin’ smoke” and making him stand behind his claim with a guarantee is very appropriate. I’m betting he’ll back off of the motor mount claim and say “alright, let me check the axles”, and then find a bad one. He then should replace it at no additional charge.

One more vote for a bad replacement axel. Motor mount problems at 8 years/60 K would be very unusual.

It’s possible I guess, but before I’d go for a motor mount job I’d want to see some objective evidence that there really is a motor mount problem. Ask the mechanic if he’ll park your and a similar side by side, and each one rev’d from idle to the same rpm, to show you the amount of engine movement in your car is much more than in the other car.

What else could you do? … You could try switching tires around if you wanted to do an experiment to prove it wasn’t the tires. My guess is that the other above are right and removing one or both of the replacement axels will be necessary. It’s possible also that one of the replacement axels are not the correct size, so comparing them to the old ones is a good idea once they are removed.

I copied this page and showed it to the mechanic who did the original work and he manned up and replaced the boots and axles. The car runs fine now. Thanks to all of you you saved me a lot of money and aggravation. yates

Good to hear you got it sorted out. :wink:

Mr. Yates, you’ve made my evening. Sincere thanks for the response. It sure would be great if every BS artist knew they’d be held up to scrutiny.

Happy motoring.