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2006 Passat Vibration

I recently had my front right boot replaced due to a hole. After being replaced there was a vibration in the front right part of the car (same place as where the boot was replaced.) Now I brought the car back to the shop where the boot was replaced, and they told me this vibration was caused by a bad wheel bearing in that section. After the shop replaced this bad wheel bearing, the problem still existed. Now this vibration happens only when I accelerate to 3300-3500RPM, and occurs at times when I make turns. Any ideas/suggestions or comments on what this might be or how this is caused?

To replace the CV boot, on most cars at least, you need to at least partially remove the axel. Usually it is the outer boot, and in that case you can avoid completely removing the axel, but you still need to undo it from the wheel, so it’s a big job, you usually have to undo tie rods etc, and it’s major thing if the mechanic does this incorrectly.

Also, usually when you replace the boot you re-lube the CV joint, which involves making sure you remove and replace all the ball bearnings. It’s easy to make a mistake if you’re not paying attention,.

Short of a miracle where somebody looks under your car and says “oh, I see the problem”, I’m guessing your mechanic made some kind of mistake during this fix, and that’s what’s causiing the vibration. The only way to know for certain is to have your mechanic or another take it all apart and do a look-see.