VW Passat Driver Window Problem

I have a 1996 VW Passat, 4 cylilnder. I’ve had problems with the driver window as the window started to get off track in closing. I’d have to assist the glass at the top by hand to keep it in the track to close properly. Now it has gotten to a point that it no longer goes up and down evenly, but now it goes up one end quicker that the other and then it never closes unless I assist the glass by hand. I believe it may be some kind of regulator or track mechanism that is off. How do I take off the interrior door panel to view the mechanism. Maybe this is something that I can repair on my own if ordering a part and reinstallation is all that may be necessarry

The inner door panel is held mostly by plastic “pop” fasteners. There will be a few screws, usually in the arm rest area. They may be hidden. You’ll probably also have to remove the plastic triangle where the side mirror mounts to the door, and any plastic trim around the door handle.

Starting at the lower edge of the door, pry the panel away from the door. As a few of the fasteners pop loose you’ll be able to see where the others are. Keep going until all fasteners are loose, then lift the panel straight up to release the top edge from the door. Then disconnect the electrical connectors for the windows, mirrors, speakers, etc.

A service manual, like Haynes, would be very helpful for this job. The manual will show you where all the fasteners are, and should give-step-by-step instructions for removal of the door panel.

Sound simple enough to do just to take a peek. Thanks.