1997 window lock works intermittantly

Hi. My passenger windows only work with driver operating them. Sometimes the passengers can open them themselvese. HELP

It sounds like the lock switch is intermittent. It may have some internal contacts that just need cleaning. USing some contact cleaner or WD-40 on the contacts may work to solve this trouble. If you can get at them. If you don’t really need the switch and can’t fix it by cleaning it you could just tie a jumper lead across the connections or replace it.

Hi. I have been trying to figure out how to take door panel off. All I see is one screw in the grip. Thanks for info.

Door panels are usually held on by plastic studs that grip through a hole in the door. Using something like a 1 inch wide putty knife you move it along the edge and feel where they are on the perimeter of the door panel and pry them out of the hole. Be careful not to damage the door panel when you pry on it as you can tear it. They make tools for doing this job but you can use a putty knife about as well. Starting at the bottom of the panel may be best. You may also need to remove the door lever.

What kind of car? You may not need to remove the door panel, just pry up the piece with the switches in it. That’s the case with my 1998 Regal.