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98 VW Passat Windows

I have a 1998 VW Passat and all four windows go down simultaneously. This seems to happen randomly. Sometimes when I’m at work I look outside and all the windows have gone down, sometimes when I open the driver’s side door all four will go down, and sometimes when I wake up in the morning all the windows are down.

The door locks currently do not work on the car–it’s been like this since I got the car from my dad about 2 years ago. Sometimes the passenger’s side door will be locked, even when I haven’t pressed lock, but none of the other 3 doors will lock.

The problem with the windows going down first started when I was driving home from work about 4 months ago. I heard the car try to lock and unlock all the doors while I was driving and was alarmed. Then, all four windows went down and the locks kept making this noise every 5 minutes or so. In the past 5 months the regulators on the driver and passenger side windows has also broken, which I have had to replace.

I was hoping you could help me with a permanent solution and/or a cheap and dirty solution to my window problem. I’m not sure if the problem is related to my regulators, my broken locks, one of the modules, a computer that needs to be reprogrammed, a corroded connection, a loose connection, etc.

Thank you for any help!