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Power window 1998 ford explorer

I’m committed to replacing the power window regulator/motor on this eggbeater myself. But I could use some tips on just how to disconnect them and then work these bulky and awkward bits in and out through the holes in the door panels. Any advice, or sources of info will be greatly appreciated. Yours truly. Big-Hands

i have found the toughest part of doing interior door work is the removal (without damaging it) of the inner door trim panel.

the quality of the job is dependent on how well you reseal the plastic covering over all the door skin holes and passages. a poor job resealing will let wind noise, and drafts in the car and you will be dissatisfied with the job.

once you unhook, un clip or unbolt (depending on how your glass is attached to the regulator) don’t DROP the glass in the door. it WILL break! BTDT. lower the glass to the bottom of the door.

the regulators normally fit in one way, and out one way. it may take some wiggling to get the order if extraction and insertion, but it is pretty straight forward.

you have to watch for the motor, and assembly. sometimes they are ‘universal’ fit, meaning when assembled in mexico they put the motor on one way, regardless of side, so you may have to make it fit your door.

BTW; are you sure its the regulator and not the switch (s)? just for kicks, when you get the door panel off, try to swap the wires from another window switch to see if it operates. those drivers side flat panels catch all the rain, coffee and other stuff and short out. it would s%&* if you went through all the regulator stuff and find out its the switch!

Dear Cappy208:
Thanks for the advise. Maybe you know the answer to this additional question. I removed three screws (presumably holding the motor) which were accessed through 1/2" holes in the inner door panel. Neither the motor or rgulator budged. Did i miss one? Or, is it possible that some other method of fastening is used, such as a pin or weld?
Thanks again.

I don’t know about the Explorer, but Ford often uses rivets to hold the regulator on. You have to drill them out. You can replace with rivets or bolts.

im sorry, i have not done an explorer. i have done an earlier ranger, but it was many many years ago and i forget the details.

the regulator is attached to the motor as well as the door.

iirc the regulator has a frame that is fastened to it as well as the motor mounted to the door with rubber washers between the bolts. as tardis said, rivet may be in th emix too.

i have not seen one welded in, but never say never. usually bolted in, with torx head bolts. have you bought a haynes manual? that would go a long way to answer these questions for you.

Thanks Guys:
I will definitely invest in that Hayes manual. Once again into the breech, dear friends.