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2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring - Broken window

Has anyone had the driver’s side window just collapse into the door panel. It will no longer raise up automatically.

Ellen , I am sure that has happened to other people and other brands of vehicles. It really does not matter but any good auto glass shop should be able to fix this for you . If you know how to remove the inner door panel you might be able to fix it yourself . Some mechanism has broken or come loose .

Thanks for responding. I watched a video on how to replace the regulator inside the door panel. Involved, but doable.

If you try to do this yourself have a few box’s of bandaid’s handy as there is a lot small hole’s and sharp edge’s.

What he really means is “wear a good pair of mechanic’s gloves when you do this procedure”. Which you should do anytime you have to lift something heavy, work with anything containing sharp edges, or attempt to loosen tight bolts with a breaker bar/wrench.

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I have decided to bite the bullet and pay to have the door panel replaced by a mechanic who has done it numerous times. This Hyundai has been very reliable over its life of 77K miles. Thanks to all for your advice.

Wearing gloves working inside a door is futile.

Most of the work is done by feel.

But what I do recommend is a pair of arm chaps when doing this type of work.


Is this what’s needed? From your description the window glass is not going down and up. That sounds like a window that has become detached from its regulator (the mechanism that holds the glass and moves it up and down), or the electric motor or its control switch or wiring is malfunctioning.

Sounds like the lift cable in the window regulator broke.