VW Golf 2002 GL oil filter location and removal

The engine is a 2.0L. Where is the filter and how do I get at it?


I like using my ramps for oil changes. This gives me easy access to the oil filter (on most cars) & easy access to flip the lever on my fumotovalve.

While i’m under there I can easily check the condition of the CV boots & check for early signs of anything that might be leaking.

Have you looked in the do it yourself section of your owners manual?

Some manuals have a surprising amount of do it yourself info.

Be sure you KNOW which drain plug is for the engine oil.

It’s on the side of the engine block near the radiator.
You’ll need to remove the plastic “bellypan” on the underside of the car to get to the drain plug and have easier access to the filter.
Don’t worry about finding the right drain plug, that should be obvious.
If you need an allen wrench to remove the plug, then it’s the wrong one! (transmission).