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Where's the Oil Filter ?!?

I don’t see the oil filter cartridge when looking under the engine compartment of my '05 Acura TL. Is it necessary to an engine shroud or two to change it.

Many cars you can’t see the oil filter from the TOP of the engine, you have to get under the car and look under it.

And I don’t know what your second sentence means.

Necessary to an engine shroud???

The number 2 (TWO)?!?

Are you asking is it necessary to change the oil filter? Surely you mean something else and not really asking is it necessary to change the oil filter because yes it is always necessary to change the oil filter when recommended.

Only really poorly designed cars require you to remove any shrouds or panels to access the oil filter. I don’t think your car is in that field (never changed filter on your model though)Sometimes you just have to look hard to find it for the first time.

There where some circumstances where speciality skid plates needed to be removed for access,again not your situation.

Manual,or watch at the next mechanic performed oil filter change.

Just how closed up is the area under your engine?

On Hondas and Acuras they are usually on the back of the engine. You don’t need to remove anything to get to it, but you might need to be under the car.

When most car companies started making front wheel drive cars, they turned their engines to the right (from the point of view of the driver), putting the oil filter on the front. Honda/Acura (same company) turned their engines to the left.

I am willing to bet your oil filter is on the back of the engine near the center line, which is usually right above the exhaust pipe or somewhere near it. It should be pretty much right over the oil drain plug. It might be hard to find because of the lack of light down there or because of its color.

You are right Whitey it is on the back of the engine,but you already have your stars.

One note of caution Acuras and their cousins have know weaknesses in the durability of the drain plug/oil pan threads,be careful.


Is it necessary to remove an engine shroud or two

OK good, no shroud removal. Will have to get under the engine again with a drop light. Not a big fan of jacking up cars to work on them, but that might make this easier. Thanks.

DO NOT crawl under your car if it is supported only by a jack.

Use ramps or jack stands to hold the car.

I have to drive my Acura onto ramps to access the filter, which, as others have said, is on the back of the engine, directly above the exhaust pipe.

If you are not a fan of jacking up cars to work on them, get yourself a pair of ramps. They make maintenance much easier. In addition, if you change your oil without going under the car, how do you check everything that is supposed to be inspected when you do an oil change? You are supposed to visually inspect the CV boots, tie rod ends, struts, etc. If you never get the car off the ground, you could be neglecting it.