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Location of oil filter for 2004 chevy malibu

My brother just bought a used 2004 chevy malibu w/out an owners manual. We are trying to find the location of the oil filter ???

Thanks for your help!!!



If it is a v-6, it should be in “front”, under the exhaust manifold. You’ll need to lift the car to R&R.

And get a pair of oil filter “pilers” to remove it since it is hard to reach.

And spin on “hand tight” only.- Don’t forget to oil the gasket.


if you are serious about doing the maintenance buy a haynes manual. if you have some extra cash, look into a shop manual. it’ll be around 100 or so, but well worth it in the long run.

If you have the Saab engine, there is a black cap to remove from the block near the top of the oil pan. You should use the wrench that is made for it or an oil filter plier. The filter lifts up out of the hole.

Check ebay for shop manuals. I was able to buy mine for $20 from there. I also bought my Haynes manual for $1 while I was at it.

And once again we have ANOTHER post without enough basic information !!! No engine size but the usual confusion for the 2.2 is that the oil filter is accessable from the top, car on the ground, hood open, there is a canister type ( ACdelco # PF456G ) filter housing drivers side of engine. remove cap, replace filter.

When I left GM in 2001 we were told “no more paper factory service manuals,all on CD from now on” Is this the case or did someone else pick-up the distribution of paper FSM?