2010 Corolla Oil Filter

Where is the filter located? The owners manual doesn’t say.

Have you opened the hood?

Have you looked on the bottom of the motor…hidden by splash guard?

The picture I saw showed the black plastic canister (small) under the engine, not far from the exhaust manifold. It is harder to find, now that it’s not a spin-on.

Detailed instructions on how to change your filter …used google…


The instructions do not mention any gasket between the filter housing and engine block. There must be one, perhaps hidden in a groove like the old '55 Chevy cartridge filters…Returning to these messy filters will reduce DIY oil changes to almost zero…

PAY the 25 dollars and have it done for you.

It’s a cartridge style just like so many european cars and is located on the passenger side, rear, bottom of the engine. There is a rubber o-ring that goes around the cap, that’s it. The cap can be a pain to get off and is not difficult to break so be careful.

I bet there will be a spin-on adapter plate available in short order…