Where's oil fiter on 08 cobalt?

Can someone tell me where the oil fiter is located on a 2008 chevy cobalt.

It could be under the black plastic cap, down near the oil pan. There should be a picture of it in the owner’s manual. It goes into the engine and is not a screw on canister.

There’s a picture of the oil filter at http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/parts/partsShelf.jsp?categoryDisplayName=Routine+Maintenance&fromType=parts&fromString=search&parentId=42-0&currentPage=1&filterByKeyWord=oil+filter&isSearchByPartNumber=false&navValue=14200000&categoryNValue=14299999&fromWhere=&itemId=0-0&displayName=Oil+Filter&searchText=oil+filterer The picture shows it without the usual metal can covering. So, it would be recessed into the engine block. You are getting a maintenance manual for it, aren’t you?

There’s no picture in owners manual, but i will get under the car for a better look at the oil pan to see if i can locate it. thank you for your help!!!

NOT under the car.
With the hood open and the car on the ground you’ll see a black cap to remove. ACDelco # PF457G canister type.