VW Beetle Windshield Washer Reservoir

The windshield washer tubing disintergrated on my 1999 VW Beetle. It got hard and cracked. I need to replace what is left but can’t get the stub off the washer pump end. Its in a really tight spot. How can I remove the reservoir to replace the tubing?? I’ve seen a picture of the tank and can get at the top nut easily but cannot find the lower one. Do I have to remove the headlight assembly??? Help

I wish you best of luck. Even replacing a lamp in that assemble is a real pain. I finally gave up (I did not want to break it) and let VW do it.

You may want to check over at http://www.tdiclub.com/ They may have a good answer for you and even if you don’t have the diesel they maybe able to help.