Windshield Wiper Reservoir

I have a 1996 Camry. The windshield wiper reservoir has sprung a leak and I would like to know how to replace it. Can you help?

VooDoo65, I Found A Description In A Repair Guide At Auto Zone’s Web Site.

You’ll have to go to “repair info”, register there and put in information about your car (vehicle selection), select “vehicle repair guides”, and then choose “chassis electrical” and then choose “windshield washer motor”. It shows the reservoir there.

Click this link to Auto Zone:

Let us know what happens.


I want to thank you for the prompt reply to my question, but unfortunately my 1996 Camry must be very unusual because the reservois is located behind the passenger side fender below the inner fender in front of the wheel well. I can’t get at it from the top of the engine compartment. Any suggestions?

The plastic inner wheel well liner requires removal in order to gain access to the washer bottle.