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I had alignment & tire balance/rotation done on my 2005 Camry 4-cyl. Going 60 MPH or above, I can feel a slight vibration on the steering wheel. Any help on what’s causing this problem will be highly appreciated.

Just had the same problem when getting 2 new tires. My problem was one of the wheels (an aftermarket alloy wheel) had lost the “centering ring”.

If your Camry is fitted with Toyota brand wheels you are likely feeling an out of balance tire. If you feel it in your hands coming from the steering wheel it is a front tire. If you feel it in the seat of your pants it is a rear wheel out of balance.

Thanks, Uncle Turbo. Guess I will go back to Costco to hae them re-do the tire rotation/balancing. I just hope that’s it, & not something else (expensive).

Probably the balance is off for some reason, but it could also be a tire developing internal problems. If they can’t fix it, you might need to go to a place that does road-force balancing.

Likely you have irregular tire wear caused by mis-aligmment. Rotating the tires moved the tires with irregular wear OUT of an insesitive postion and INTO a sensitive position. Rotating them back will alleviate the vibration, but won’t clear up the irregular wear causing the vibration in the first place.

Your best bet is to wait for the tires to develop a new wear pattern (in their new position) and erase the old one. This may take several thousand miles - OR - if the wear is really bad, it may not be erased at all.

Your last result is to replace the tires.