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Vibrating steering wheel on a 2000 Camry

Hi, slightly into my drive, my car begins to vibrate in what feels like the front end as well as in the steering wheel. At first it started when I was at high speeds on the highway but now it happens as lower speeds (like 40 mph). It does not happen at a specific speed only (so I don’t believe it is a balance issue). Also, it doesn’t happen all the time…sometimes it only lasts 5 minutes and sometimes it lasts longer. My tires are fairly new and recently checked for uneven wear, I’ve had an alignment and balance done so now I’m confused about the difference between issues with the following parts: struts, tire rods, roators, or CV joints. Any insight?

How many miles on your Camry?

When they did the alignment, did they tell you if it had been out of alignment?  

I would recommend finding a good local (not a chain) frame and alignment shop and let them determine the problem.  You local garage or dealer does not have the tools to do all the testing.  The answer is there for the shop with the right tools and skills to find it.

150 thousand miles - No, they didn’t really explain if the car had been out of alignment - the alignment and balance was an effort to stop the vibration issues. However, the vibration strength seems to be worsening. Someone else told me that my brake caliber may be “sticking” which may be why the vibration is not constant, and only happening until it releases again (?).
Thank you for the response…I’m taking the car in on Saturday and hoping for an accurate (and fairly inexpensive) fix.