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'04 Camry - Steering vibration @ 65-70mph

I have an '04 Camry with 43K miles. I recently noticed that the steering vibrated @ 65-70mph, any other speed its fine. So I had alignment and wheel balancing done. However the problem is still there.

I have seen a TSB for a steering gear box issue for this car and I’m not sure if this is related?

Need suggections…

did you rotate the tires while you had the balancing?

that would be the first thing to try. it don’t cost anything, and that would eliminate the tires being suspect.

how many miles on the tires?

I had them rotated a week prior to the bablancing. The problem was there before rotation too.

Tires have about 23000 miles…wear on the outside is visible

Your reference experts should be the alignment shop where you had the work done. They are in a much better position to evaluate your problem than we.
I didn’t see a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) that applies to wheel balance. TSB ST005-01, Revised, dated 04/16/2007, Repair Manual Supplement: Vehicle Pulling To One Side is out of the warranty period for you.
Tires worn on the outer tread may contribute to balance problems. The TSB provides a rather good tutorial on the causes of pulling to one side. You may have to get new tires, and have the camber set to a more neutral setting. Ask your alignment experts.