Using water as car fuel--real or scam?

Hello, just recently I have been turned on to the idea of converting the hydrogen in water into a gas (called HHO) which can mix with gasoline to help power a car and improve gas mileage. There are quite a few websites out there which are selling instructions for (supposedly) easily converting your car to use this technology. Has anyone tried this or have any good info one way or another?

The only people that this benefits are the ones peddling it. The ones buying it are simply flushing their money away.
The ones who buy it and swear it works are very misguided to put it politely.

Simply ask yourself this. Why is this item not already outfitted to every new car, truck, motorcycle, lawnmower, and airplane on the planet?

Think of it like this.

If you or I ever came out with anything that gave even 10% better mileage on any vehicle it was installed on, why would we have to sell it on the internet? With the new EPA regulations for the automakers to average a CAFE of 30 MPG by the year 2020, we would have to just walk into any major auto manufacturer, have them test it on a dyno, and we’d never have to work again!

It’s a scam.


actually there was a show on TV (not that everyone on TV tells the truth)

some guy made a system to divide the water into hydrogen and oxygen. then it emitted a huge flame.

well. the energy put out did NOT equal the energy used to divide the water molecules.

so the idea is sound, but its application to US, in this era is not developed yet.

BUT, there are scammers out there who are pedaling this bogus crap out there as if it works.

why has there been no nation… no… world wide announcement of this?

this would be a monumental occasion don’t you think?

just waiting for the links to appear.

The scam is built around half-truths, which are: Yes, hydrogen can be used as a fuel. Water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen.
The lie part is: it takes much more energy to separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen than you can get back from using the hydrogen as a fuel. The first part is the part where “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Scam. HHO is H2O or water. There may be a way to separate hydrogen from water economically, but it isn’t practical yet.

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it emitted a huge flame. well. the energy put out did NOT equal the energy used to divide the water molecules.

And therefore violated a very basic law of physics and is why every perpetual monition machine has failed.

this is the original link i saw on the TV. does it work… yes. is it practical yet? NO. but this does exist!

I tell you how well that will work. You sen me the money and expect nothing in return. None of those ideas work, except to drain your wallet!!

Well, the above link is to a report of a recent and fascinating scientific breakthrough. A scientist has shown that RF waves can help decompose water into its components hydrogen and oxygen. This is truly exciting news. It might even hold promise.

But all of the advertised schemes you find on the internet and in the daily rags have nothing to do with that discovery. They all rely on the comparatively primitive method of electrolysis of water, as well as the total ignorance and gullibilty of the buying public.

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Try a tank full of water no gas. Super fantastic gas savings. Only problem motor no run car no go. Now i wonder with 10% ethanol how much water can i add so that the water and gas mixture still makes motor run?

The only problem with your argument is that it is not what is being promoted. What they advertise is this : They sell you a jar w/ electrodes, you put water in the jar, the jar is hooked up to the power in your car, the water is changed into hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen is pumped into the engine, your fuel economy increases! Does it work?

Anyone who is interested in hydrogen as a motor fuel should read ENERGY VICTORY by Robert Zubrin,PhD. Hydrogen is not an energy source. It is an energy transfer agent. That is, it takes more energy to produce hydrogen than it yields because of the efficiency problem in obtaining it. It may work for city buses as a way to clean city air, but the fuel containment problem will not be solved for cars. Liquid hydrogen requires a tank that has to be many times stronger that a propane tank. As for transferring it, a hydrogen tanker truck with the same weight as a average gasoline tanker truck will carry enough hydrogen for one tank full for about 220 cars. Hydrogen as a fuel has VERY limited uses.

No. However, if you’d like to use hydrogen, visit the Whatman Lab Gas Generators website. Buy a hydrogen generator. It seperates water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then you can store it and transfer it into your car at your convenience.

You can store it in a dirigible (sp?).

Oh, the humanity!