Cars that run with water?

Does anyone know if the whole has any validity? They make it seem possible, but I don’t want to do it until I speak with someone who actually has done this! I need to know, because my current car is on its last legs, and I’d like to get a used car and convert it. Thank you for your help!

SCAM, pure and simple. Don’t fall for it, and don’t waste your money.

If there were any validity at all to this nonsense, EVERY new car would have such a device installed at the factory as standard equipment.

You can search this site for MANY posts about this baloney.

“…until I speak with someone who actually has done this!”

Thousands have fallen for this swindle. Don’t expect any of them to admit it.

I’d LOVE to find one that’s reversed the laws of physics too!!!

On the (small) chance that you’re actually curious, instead of a scammer, read this:

There are three reasons that no individual should spend a penny on “HHO”:

  1. It can’t work. You cannot get extra energy out of an engine by generating hydrogen when you lose at least 2/3 of the energy when you burn it.
  2. The web sites lie. They are filled with nonsensical jargon, unsupported claims, and basic lies about how engines work. I have not seen one that would get past the slightest bit of technical review.
  3. If you don’t believe 1 and 2, believe this: If these things worked, there would be hundreds of reputable corporations world-wide building them, if only for their own use. Also, every government agency (think about the Post Office! the Army! every government, school district, whatever!) would jump at the chance to reduce their fuel costs. NONE OF THIS IS HAPPENING! And there is a clear reason why - it doesn’t work.

Cannot be done!

GM did it:

if your current car is on it’s last legs, why not use that for a guinea pig and get a regular used car for when your old one gets waterlogged.

You are joking, right? That’s the GM hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, absolutely nothing to do with what the scammers are selling. You fill that one up with hydrogen.

Well, the topic is cars that run with water… :stuck_out_tongue:

besides, it’s not like we’re gonna see the OP anymore, they’ve most likely come to shill this product on us and won’t post again. On the off chance they are legit and do come back, I apologize to the person