Water/hydrogen conversion kits

Does anyone, including Click and Clack, have anything, nice or otherwise, to say about any of the hydrogen conversion kits that use water broken down to hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then used incombination with gasoline to power the car engine.

We’ve done this subject countless times.
Scam. Snake oil. Walk away.

Ha, ha, ha. You don’t actually believe this garbage, do you?

A secret process to drastically improve fuel mileage and NONE of the world’s automakers knows about it?

Think about it.


Only someone very naive would waste money on this pseudo-science.

It’s a scam and I can PROVE it’s a scam using their own numbers. Post and edit it you want to see it.

You have a better chance of getting eaten by BigFoot then this garbage actually working. It has to break a few laws of physics to actually work. It does NOT work…nor can it EVER work.