Hydro 4000?


I need more info on the “Hydro 4000”. Once installed, the vehicles will: Supposedly change water into hydrogen, hydrogen, & oxygen, causing the gas to burn cleaner, doubles the gas mileage, etc. etc. Talk is cheap; What is the real truth?


Scam. These things have been talked to death on this forum. Do a site search for things such as “water for gas”.


if talk is cheap, then the truth will cost you…

buy one, and see for yourself.


You have two, well, three choices:

1)Trust us, it’s a scam, and avoid the 'product.'
2)Ignore us, buy the ‘product’ and realize it’s a scam.
3)Ignore us, use your head a bit, realize it’s a scam, and avoid the ‘product.’


all the weeks the same questions at least this time there was no link pasted on the topic


If it worked it would violate the a basic law of physics “Conservation of Energy” To work it has to get more energy out of burning H’s and O’s (resulting in water) than it takes to separate them from water to start with. It is like picking yourself up by pulling on your shoes.


Does it also change lead into gold? Just as the old alchemists’ wish to perform that feat were fruitless, so is any attempt to do what the “hydrogen scam artists” are claiming.


It would make a great science project for the kids. It will do nothing for your car.


so it changes water into water?


I’m thinking of buying one of these gimicks for a class project next year. We have a number of donated cars that I can experiment with. It won’t be until next school year to see the results but I’ll be looking forward to putting this scam to rest.


Will this never end?

I’m waiting for the acetone thing to come back.

Oops, maybe I’ll cause the acetone thing to come back. Sorry, forget I said that! Water, stick with water. Increased mileage, lower emissions, all that stuff. Water, yeah, water, let’s all run our cars on water.

Forget about acetone. I didn’t say acetone.

Water, yeah, that’s the ticket. Hydro 4000 (what’s the significance of 4000?), or whatever. No acetone, no fuel line magnets, no gas tank pills, no intake swirl devices. Water is the answer. Go for it. Water. I love it.