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Using license plate for other uses not a good idea

A month or so ago I had an early morning fasting blood test. I wen out to car only to see the first frost in St. Louis. Because I had recently moved (and needed all the space in my 2005 Prius hatchback), my scraper and snow brush were in my basement. I had just changed license place, was in a hurry, so I used the end of the license plate to scrape the frost. Bad idea! Now there are surface scratches on the windshield, not deep ones. What can I sue to repair the windshield?

Been there about 50 years back…

If it’s impairing your vision, you should be able to make a claim through your comprehensive insurance policy. There’s probably not any “fixing” the windshield-- it’s gotta be replaced.

You might check with a general glass shop that does both auto and home/commercial glass work.
They do have some polishing techniques that may work.

It may be possible to buff it otherwise replace the entire thing.

Haste makes waste.

“What can I sue to repair the windshield?”

Well, I guess that you can sue yourself for negligence.
I suggest that your “defendant self” should plead insanity as a defense against this suit by your “plaintiff self”.


Seriously, however, I suggest that you try buffing the scratches with toothpaste. If that doesn’t work, consult a glass shop. However, the very poor quality of windshields nowadays will likely make it necessary to have the windshield replaced.

Next time you find yourself in this situation, use either a credit card or your driver’s license to clear the windows.

I suggested a general glass shop because these guys often cut glass table tops followed by beveling the edges and polishing them smooth.
There are a number of products that can be used to remove scratches. Here’s one example and there’s a rule of thumb about glass scratches in this link.

You must be kidding!! How stupid can you be??