Windshield scratches

I’m in ALOT of trouble! I managed to put a BIG bunch of scrathes in the windshield of my wife’s NEW car( 1st one in 30 years)!!! I was trying to do a good thing! I tried to remove a very generous helping of dried guano by using one of those “no-scratch” nylon buffer-thingys on the back of a sponge (you know the kind ?)…much to my dismay, I got the stuff off, but left a huge swirling bunch of scratches in the windshield! Does anybody know of a way to clean up MY mess? Thanks!

You are in a lot of trouble. Worst case (if nothing else works) is to replace the glass at a local windshield place for a few $100. Just be glad you didn’t mess up the paint, that would be expensive.

go to a glass repair shop…they may have a polishing paste that might work.